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Pumping System Optimization Overview


Opportunities to Improve Life Cycle Performance

The Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter have teamed up to create a one-day Pumping System Optimization course that provides attendees with the information needed to conduct basic assessments of their pumping systems. Case studies will be discussed throughout the course. Hands-on group exercises are an integral part of this course including: How to estimate the annual energy cost of a pumping system, how to match a system curve/pump curve and determine if the right pump is being used and how to improve a pumping system and the life cycle costs of each improvement.

As the result of this course, participants will better understand:

  • The benefits of improving the performance of pumping systems

  • System optimization and basic pump system interaction

  • How to screen pumping systems to find good systems improvement candidates

  • How to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities

  • Basic life-cycle cost analysis

  • How to plan and propose an Action Plan to management

Course Content Includes:

  • Why efficient pumping systems are important

  • Systems optimization

  • Basic pump system interaction

  • Screening pumping systems

  • Analysis tools for pumping systems

  • Improving the performance of pumping systems

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Developing an Action Plan

  • Resources and follow-up strategy

Course Outline | What's Included