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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Flow of Fluids Premium program.

Why should I use Flow of Fluids Premium when my spreadsheet provides me with the results I need?

Excel spreadsheets only calculate the head loss in a single pipeline for a given flow rate.  Flow of Fluids Premium calculates the head loss in a single pipeline as well,  in addition it also:

  • Calculates the flow rates and pressures in the entire piping system by performing a full hydraulic network analysis.
  • Selects centrifugal pumps from manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs.
  • Inserts the pumps and control valves into the piping system model, showing how the entire piping system operates.
  • Considers alternate operating conditions and shows you how the system operates.
  • Flow of Fluids Premium provides you with a total system view instead of a head loss calculation for a single pipeline.

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What is the maximum number of pipelines Flow of Fluids Premium can handle, and what is considered a pipeline?

Flow of Fluids Premium has a program limit of 25 pipelines. A pipeline is between two junctions and consists of one pipe diameter including all the valves and fittings. For example if you have a system with one tank feeding two destination tanks, the system consists of 4 pipelines. There is one pipeline from the supply tank to the pump suction, a pipeline from the pump discharge to a junction, and two pipelines each going from the junction to each destination tank.

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What pipe materials does Flow of Fluids Premium support?

Flow of Fluids Premium uses engineering data tables to look up the pipe data needed to perform the pressure drop calculations. You select the pipe material, and schedule or wall thickness, and the program presents the available nominal sizes. The program looks up the inside diameter and uses that value in the pressure drop calculations. The program comes with a variety of pipe size tables based on published pipe standards.

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Can I create my own pipe size tables, or modify the tables shipped with the software?

Yes. Using the supplied Table Manager program you can modify the pipe tables shipped with the program or create your own custom pipe size tables for specialty pipe material.

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What valves and fittings does the program support?

The program looks up valve and fitting information in a valve table shipped with the program. The table contains all the valves and fittings found in the Crane Technical Paper 410. Specialty valve and fitting tables are available from selected manufacturers.

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What if the supplied table doesn't have the valves and fittings I use?

You can insert any valve or fitting into the model by entering either the K value, Cv value, or the differential pressure for a given flow rate. In addition, using the Table Manager program you can even create your own custom valve and fitting tables.

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What fluids does the program support?

Flow of Fluids Premium looks up the fluid information in engineering data tables. Flow of Fluids Premium comes with a fluid compilation of 250 process fluids for use with the program. You can also add custom fluids in your projects by entering the fluid properties, this way you can model any Newtonian fluid (both liquids and gases).

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Can I model pumps in the piping system?

Yes. The program supports both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. You can use the program to select pumps directly from manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs.

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How many manufacturers support Flow of Fluids Premium by distributing their pump catalogs for use with the program?

The current list of supporting pump manufacturers distributing their electronic pump catalogs is available at Many of the manufacturers allow you to download them directly from this Website.

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How do I model a pump if a manufacturer's electronic pump catalog is not available?

You can model any centrifugal pump by manually entering pump performance data from a paper pump curve in the piping system model.

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What are the minimum system requirements to run the Flow of Fluids program?

These are the minimum system requirements to run the Flow of Fluids program.

  • Personal computer Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor capable of running Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, or XP.
  • Minimum of 30-35 MB of available fixed disk space required
  • 128 MB of RAM for computers running Windows 98
  • 256MB of Ram recommended for Windows 2000 and XP Professional
  • 800x600 or higher resolution
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • Keyboard and Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Windows compatible Printer or Plotter

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