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Flow of Fluids License Options
FOF-Shopping-Cart-Image.png Flow of Fluids customers range from small engineering consultants to large multinational companies. To meet the needs of this diverse group of customers Flow of Fluids is offered in various licensing options providing your company with the flexibility you need.


Flow of Fluids Premium Stand Alone Version

Users: Flow of Fluids Premium Stand Alone Version is perfect for use in small consulting firms or companies in which only one or two people use the software.

License Management: A hardware verification key (USB) connected to the computer running the software provides the license management in the Stand Alone version.

Capability: The Stand Alone license agreement allows the hardware verification key to be moved, providing the user with the ability to run Flow of Fluids on any computer.

Features/Benefits: The computer running the Stand Alone version can be connected to a Local Area Network to take advantage of the print and file sharing services.

Restrictions: The Stand Alone version of Flow of Fluids only runs on the computer where the verification key is installed.